Seed Saving

Our seed saving guides will help you become more self sufficient and reduce the need for you to buy new seeds every year. You’ll never have to worry about having fresh seeds ever again. And for a BONUS, it’s a fun hobby too!

How To Harvest And Save Dill Seeds

Dill is a great addition to any home garden and kitchen. As such, saving dill seeds should be on your to do list. Dill is better known as a culinary herb but it also has other uses in the garden….

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Basil plant

How To Save Basil Seeds For An Endless Harvest

I’ve previously written about how to propagate basil, and that is still my go to method for multiplying my basil plants. But, unless you are keeping a basil plant all winter long to propagate from, in the spring you are…

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Holding dry peas in hand.

How To Save Pea Seeds To Plant Again Next Year

Peas are one of our favourite vegetables to grow in the garden so being able to save pea seeds helps us tremendously. We’ve found varieties that we like and we would have to buy multiple packs every year for the…

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Romaine Lettuce Seeds

How to Save Lettuce Seeds

Saving seeds is a fun hobby to have and lettuce is an easy to grow vegetable that is a staple in most home gardens. That’s why saving lettuce seeds is a great way to ensure that you have a steady…

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Spinach seeds clean in a bowl

How to Save Spinach Seeds

Spinach is a nutritious and delicious green leafy vegetable that is packed with essential vitamins and minerals. Growing spinach in your garden is a great way to ensure a steady supply of fresh, healthy produce throughout the growing season. This…

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