Gardening This Week 2024: 2 Weeks After Last Frost

It’s full blown gardening season here in Zone 5B. We are two weeks past our last frost date which means we are able to plant all our summer crops that we’ve been nurturing indoors for the last few months, outdoors.

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I started this journal of entries on a weekly basis as things were happening quickly during the first few weeks of the year. Getting all of our seeds started for our greenhouse and then again for outdoors. There was a lot to go over and share.

As it’s now more into a full blown growing season I’m going to be changing this blog series to a bi weekly or even monthly entry to keep updated on new things that have happened in the garden.

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Seeds Started:

Even though we are past our last frost date by a couple of weeks we still have a lot to get started. We are planting a second round on Calendula in our new flower garden, and replanting some cucumber seeds to replace the ones that didn’t germinate.

We still have more to plant in the next few weeks including Corn, Zucchini, and Beans.


We’ve been extremely busing transplanting the last few weeks. We had to get all the garden beds ready by weeding and adding nutrients back into the soil. Then we built some new tomato trellis’s to hopefully get a better yield from out tomatoes this year.

Peppers and Cucumbers
Peppers and Cucumbers

We transplanted 22 pepper plants that will be sharing a bed with cucumbers this year. They are already between 8 and 12 inches tall already and we fully expect an excellent harvest again this year.

Once we had out Tomato trellis’s built we transplanted 40 tomato plants into those two garden beds. Between the tomato plants we transplanted some basil we’ve been growing for a few weeks.

Raised Garden Beds
Raised Garden Beds

At the north side of the garden bed between the tomatoes we sowed some Parsley seeds. Parsley like to have partial sun, so being at the north side of the tomatoes should give them exactly that.

In another garden bed we transplanted 6 brussel sprouts. If you don’t like brussel sprouts, but you’ve never had a freshly grown brussel sprout, you should. They are so delicious when grown fresh. We are super excited for these.

Brussel Sprouts
Brussel Sprouts

We have a large hill that has developed on our property from when we’ve been digging out garden beds over the years. It just keep growing a little bit every year.

Last year we decided to put some extra pumpkin seedlings we had into the hill, just for shits and giggles. Let me tell you what, they grew like we’ve never had pumpkins grow before.

This year we planned to use the hill to grow our pumpkins, as well as some watermelon again. We’ve also thrown a couple of extra seed potatoes in the hill, and plan to put some corn directly in the center too.

Pumpkin Patch
Pumpkin Patch
Update On Crops:

Our onions have been doing great. Even the 5 or 6 that got eaten down to the soil a few days after transplanting. They have bounced back and started the regrow.

Yellow Onions
Yellow Onions


Had to prune all the lower leaves of the tomatoes that we planted to make sure no leaves were touching soil. We plant our tomatoes as deeply as possible when transplanting so each plant lost 3 or 4 sets of leaves.


We’ve been pulling things from the garden almost on a daily basis lately. We have never eaten so much lettuce as we have this year.


The weather has been beautiful the last couple of weeks. Nice and sunny with warm temperatures and we haven’t had a frost in about a month. They only things that would be a little bit better is if it would rain a bit more frequently.

Were we are located there have been several storms that either go just north or just south of our location and we don’t get much rain at all. We are at the age now were we like it when it rains, haha.


We have one more garden bed to weed and get ready for planting. That garden bed will eventually have corn, zucchini, butternut squash, and cantaloupes in it.


This concludes this entry into our gardening this week series. We hope you enjoyed it and we hope you will subscribe and follow along with us on our journey. Also, be sure to check out our other blog entries where we have growing guidesseed saving guides, and recipes. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

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