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Gardening This Week 2024: 7 Weeks Until Last Frost

At 7 weeks until last frost (week ending March 24th) we are in full gardening mode. We are still starting some new seeds, and we’ve got some new sprouts popping up in our greenhouse.

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It was a cold week so we didn’t get much done outside but we were busy indoors tending to our seedlings. If you’d like to follow along please subscribe to our website so you don’t miss an edition of our gardening this week journey. You can catch up with everything we’ve done so far here.

Seed Starting:

We started one new item this week. Our kale that we started indoors isn’t doing as well as we hoped so we decided to direct sow some in the greenhouse. We’ve done it both ways in the past and the best results we’ve had were with direct sowing so we should have done that to begin with.

Update On Seed Starts:

I want to add this new subsection to this article to keep everyone updated on how are seedlings are doing.

I’ll start with what we are most excited about this year which is our Goji Berry plants. These are doing really well since I moved them to a west facing window sill. We had a couple die under the grow lights and had to restart them but one of the originals is still going and it’s doing great.

There are three seedlings sharing this four inch container and we’ll let them grow a little bigger before thinning them down to one.

Goji Berry Seedling
Goji Berry Seedling

In our greenhouse we have bunch of sprouts popping up. Our radishes that we planted, from seeds we saved last fall, have germinated really well.

I used to plant all my crops in rows in all of our garden beds but to save space this year I just threw down a bunch of seeds in a blocked off area to hopefully grow more. I’ll go through these next week and thin them out so they have at least an inch between them.

Radish Seedlings
Radish Seedlings

Also in our greenhouse, our lettuce and dill has started to sprout. Both we started from seeds we saved as well. I don’t know why but growing food from seeds you’ve saved brings a gratifying feeling of accomplishment.

It’s a little surprising the dill has germinated already but our greenhouse does get up into the high twenty degree Celsius range during the day. We also use a Greenhouse Heater to keep it above 5°C overnight.


Nothing was transplanted this week. We moved our onion seedlings we started a few weeks ago into the greenhouse to get acclimated before we transplant them there.


Nothing was pruned this week.


The weather this week was frigid compared to what we’ve been experiencing over the previous few weeks. The warmest day we had was only 4°C and we had some double digit below freezing nights.

We also got a large snow storm roll through on Friday March 22nd. This is normal for this time of year but with the spring like conditions we were having it feels like we’ve been robbed of an early spring.

Snow Covered Gardens
Snow Covered Gardens

Next week it’s warming back up with some double digit weather headed our way.

Upcoming Next Week:

Next week is another busy one for us.

Starting seeds indoors including: Basil, Broccoli, Cabbage, Kale, Tomatoes, Ginger, and Turmeric. Ginger and Turmeric and new to us this year so this will be a new learning experience for us.

Basil and Tomatoes are for our outside garden beds. Transplanted a few weeks after our last frost. The Broccoli, Cabbage, and Kale will be transplanted outdoors two weeks before our last frost.

Getting the garden bed ready and direct sowing our spring wheat. Planting potatoes in up-cycled chicken feed bags that we’ll be using to grow them in.


This concludes this entry into our gardening this week series. We hope you enjoyed it and we hope you will subscribe and follow along with us on our journey. Also, be sure to check out our other blog entries where we have growing guides, seed saving guides, and recipes. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

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